About us

NI-DO dwells where intimacy and affection live.

A bag is a safe spot for what is essential and personal as it tells a lot of the story of its owner, no matter how big or small.

For this reason, putting your hands into someone’s bag implies you should ask permission as if there were intimate and personal secrets inside.

We are Nicola and Domiziana, partners in life and business.

Bound by a mutual outlook, we have always known that one day we would have created something together on our own. Our core is an encounter of our male and female personalities, complementing each other. We transform inpirations and experiences into shapes, colors and textures. Drawings, sculptures, even simple “small boxes” could spark our imagination.

Our handbag collections are characterized by clean, sophisticated and essential lines, spacing from soft tones to bold colors. The result is a beautiful but overall functional product

How lucky to be born in Italy!
Thanks to the know-how of expert artisans we give life to high quality designs.